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About Us

Monk for a Month is a World Weavers initiative that is part of our Adventures of the Spirit range of cultural immersion and spiritual development programs. Both the Thai and India/Tibetan experiences offer credits towards our World Weavers' Global Citizen program.

World Weavers was born out of Blood Foundation, an NGO started by Ben Bowler and Jildou Brouwer to assist migrant communities living along the Thai-Burma border in northern Thailand. The foundation began in 2008 by opening evening schools for ethnic Shan refugees who were fleeing oppresion and dire economic conditions in their homeland in eastern Burma. In the same year we launched Monk for a Month, a Buddhist temple-stay that was to become the first in a series of cultural exchange and spiritual immersion programs around the world.

Guests visit the Daylight SchoolBlood Foundation has continued to grow and today we are involved in development, aid and advocacy work. We are a registered NGO (non-government organisation) in The Netherlands and Thailand. We run migrant education schools in Fang Valley , such as the Daylight School for children of Burmese (Shan) refugees children living along the Thai-Burma border. We also promote greater awareness of the root-cause of the Burmese humanitarian crisis through the We Are Burma network and associated events. In addition, as a founding member of the Learn to Live network we are partners in educational programs inside Burma.

In early 2011 we launched a new cultural exchange and spiritual immersion program in Istanbul, Turkey called Muslim for a Month.  This attracted widespread media coverage and we have since added a less controversial sister program  called the Sufi Mystic Experience. In late 2011 we launched the We Make the World program in Thailand. With further spiritual travel programs on the horizon, it became necessary to separate our charity from our other enterprises: and so World Weavers was launched in December 2011.

World Weavers is an umbrella organisation that encompasses and connects everything we do. Our mission is to mobilise human potential for transformation and the building of a better world. Blood Foundation remains our development arm and 20% of any profits generated go directly back to the work of the foundation.

Monk for a Month, as our first guest program remains dear to the hearts of everybody at World Weavers. Oir intention is that all who come to join these adventures shall find greater enlightenment and achieve positive transformation, both for themselves and the world we live in.

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