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Stories 0Forget Skydiving Try A Spiritual Adventure This Year

Looking for exciting and unusual experiences this year? How about a Spiritual Adventure? You not only get to discover a new place but also to experience a new religion, culture and everything related from the inside out.

Stories_1Experience being a Buddhist monk by Deepa Chaudhary

Monk for a Month is a Buddhist spiritual experience program offered by Blood Foundation with the assistance of temples in the Fang Valley region of Thailand. The purpose of this experiential learning program is to promote cultural exchange, deep understanding of the Buddhist teachings and of the monastic life in Thailand.

Stories_2Dr. Malcolm Brown coming to Fang Valley

Professor Brown is coming to Fang for a three-month research project looking into the activities of Blood Foundation. Here below is a copy of his successful proposal to the Board of the USQ outlining the scope of his planned research. He's scheduled to be here mid 2011 and we're all looking forward to having him around.

The Monk for a Month Program in Fang, Chiang Mai by Brooke Schedneck

In Chiang Mai, Thailand, there are tourist attractions for the would-be chef, masseuse, and now, monk. The recently started ‘Monk for a Month’ program is a new example of the mixing of religion and commerce. The program provides the opportunity to ordain, live in a Thai temple, and receive basic Buddhist teachings and meditation instruction.

In the Shadow of Burma by Lars Taraldsen

An article in a Norwegian magazine by Lars Taraldsen about the Daylight School, Shan refugees and Blood Foundation. You'll most likely need a translator!

Novice for Children project in Wiang Haeng by Rosalie Hertsenberg

Blood Foundation invited me to come to the ‘novice for children camp’, just a few days after my arrival Fang. Obviously, I really wanted to go with them. What a start of my stay in Fang!

Reach for the little stars by Jamie Hamley

During our 3 month stay at Moung Choum school we also worked with the significantly less well off Souncha school, which is primarily inhabited by the Palaung hill tribe.

Overview of my time in Thailand by James Hallamore

Looking back at my time in Thailand, it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I arrived in Fang in early January 2009, amid the grandeur of north-western Thailand's jungle scenery and the foothills of the Himalayas.

My time with Blood Foundation by Clemence Corthouts

My experience of three weeks of volunteering has had a lot of impact on me. I went there to teach English at Moong Choom School, 30minutes away from Fang.¬es_tab=app_2347471856#!/note.php?note_id=486262742262

'Praycations' a new source for enlightening travel stories - SMH

BEWILDERED by Buddhism? Don't just turn to Google or Wikipedia. Shave your head, pick up your begging bowl and live in a monastery for a month, immersing your self in the religion from the inside.

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